A voyage of human ingenuity and age-old majesty

The Great Wall, Tienanmen Square, the Forbidden City, Hong Kong, and more

China is a massive, sprawling country. You may recognise its famous sights, but their majesty is not properly conveyed in stories and pictures. Let the reality of China - the futuristic cities, the marvellous cuisine - better your imagination.

Even the tiniest corners of this age-old realm are sure to inspire. Initiate yourself by touring the country’s immortal icons. Traipse along a piece of the Great Wall of China and marvel at its gargantuan presence on the Chinese countryside. Wander through Tiananmen Square and let the locals tell you its stories. Behold the regal splendour of the Forbidden City. Seek out cosmopolitan secrets, ancient alleyways, and endless markets in Beijing and Hong Kong. Shop your way through massive boutiques on The Bund. See Beijing Zoo’s giant pandas. Try soup-filled xiao long bao at a traditional dumpling house. Take a train through rural villages and see how the wave of modernisation has transformed provincial living.

The sheer size of China means it holds unending wonder for the traveller who wants to see and do everything. China is more than its legendary cities and iconic monuments, however. For rich histories and cultures that vary drastically from city to city, head to the eastern Shandong province. Shandong is situated by the Yellow Sea. Its major cities include Qingdao and Yantai. Tourists flock to its peaks - the most famous of which is Taishan - to see age-old shrines, stone tablets and pilgrimage trails. While you’re there, consider touring Mount Tai, Daming Lake, Thousand Buddha Mountain, and the Temple of Confucius. Jinan, the capital, bears living connections to the province’s deeply-rooted Taoist and Confucian heritage.

China is also a nation of fun, frivolity and marvellous excess. When night falls, Shanghai and Beijing explode with life. For energy and jubilation on a grand scale, visit during Chinese New Year. And, of course, there’s Hong Kong Disneyland - a place of youthful joy available year-round.