Take to the sea

A place of pure relaxation and perspective

Take lavish comforts, relaxation and adventure; add an addictive sense of perspective. New worlds and seas never lose their wonder. Sip cocktails, dine in grand halls, lay back on sunlit decks, retreat to regally-appointed accommodation. For enrichment opportunities in the world’s most exotic locales, take to sea.

Navigate the world’s best-loved destinations from a cruiseliner and you’ll see them rendered in extraordinary beauty, a beauty you can’t appreciate on land.

For instance, a cruise to the Mediterranean puts you at the centre of scores of incredible cultures: pass by Malta and gape in awe at its many fortresses and megalithic temples; weave through the Greek Islands, to Athens, Eos, Santorini, and Mykonos, and adhere yourself to its round-the-clock celebratory vibrance; stop in Sicily, or make your way west, along the Spanish coast. Valencia, Barcelona and Almeria have port towns alive with colours, foods, and jovial peoples. Each sight is punctuated by an unimaginable standard of luxury, and the thrills are organised for your pleasure.

In every sense, cruising puts you in blissful stasis. You need not do anything. Your every whim and need will be catered to. Or consider a voyage to the South Pacific. Test the limits of sea-lining luxury on your way through the coves and inlets of New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Bora Bora, and Tahiti. You’ll feel the warmth of a tropical sun on your skin; you’ll feel balmy oceanic zephyrs through your hair.

When the sun sets and nighttime looms, the tropics come alive. Stars shine brighter across the pacific, and the sea becomes a grand mirror, reflecting a celestial display from every angle. Look upon white sand and pure aquamarine sea. It’s a sight that never tires. The cruising lifestyle is perfect for couples and families. No matter the destination, a luxury cruiseliner has the facilities, entertainment, and hospitality anyone and everyone can enjoy.