A voyage of art, architecture, spirit and soul

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and more

When you think of Europe, one sentiment comes to mind: welcome home. Europe is where adventures begin, where life’s most interesting cultures coalesce and collide, where souls cannot help but grow. The cities, the villages, the architecture, the food, the people; Europe’s beauty is in its incomparable diversity.

A desire for Europe is a call to home. Even if you’ve never been, it’s yours to love. So love Amsterdam, its weblike canals, and the gabled faces of its buildings. Love the 17th century charm of Zaanse Schans, where windmills turn, gracefully and dutifully, the way they did hundreds of years ago. Love the baroque-era architecture of Prague, the heights of its many church and castle spires, and the majesty of the Vltava River running through its heart. Love Switzerland for its shimmering Lake Geneva, the grandness of its Alps, and the sweetness of its chocolate.

Adore Germany for the way it artfully blends the stately beauty of Dresden Altstadt and Neuschwanstein Castle with the modernity of Berlin. Give yourself to Paris, the city of love, and share a quiet moment with the River Seine while you sample artisan pastries on a sunlit terrace. Walk the Champs Elysees at the slowest of paces and watch the Eiffel Tower set aglow at twilight. These are must-dos.

Enjoy Europe through the lens of a theme and the continent will show you its everyday splendours and comforts in new ways. Dine your way from the Netherlands to Italy, feasting on poffertjes, brauhaus schnitzels, fine chocolate, and hearty pasta, prepared provinciale according to the old ways. Or follow flowers from Keukenhof, to Monet’s Garden in Giverny, to the Cotswolds of the British midlands. Or tour by cathedral: Notre-Dame de Paris, then the Sagrada Familia, then the Duomo Di Milano, then Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

This home is able to evolve with each visit, ensuring you’ll always discover something new to love.