North America

North America

A voyage of exploration, freedom, and bold nature

New York City, California, the Rockies, Niagara Falls, Mexico, and more

North America is, and has always been, a must-go frontier for worldly travellers. From Canada to the United States of America to Mexico, the continent is a melting pot of radically different cultures, peoples and histories. Each of its cities, though close geographically, may as well be different countries. So its appeal is in its variety: you’ll never see it all, and each time you visit, you’ll satisfy one curiosity while generating another.

The majesty of the United States begins in its cultural centres. New York City, the immortal metropolis, draws visitors in with its proud landmarks and colourful citizens. On one day, you can visit high-end boutiques and restaurants on the Upper East Side, before taking a train down to waterfront Hoboken, where you’ll feel the energetic pulse of middle-class America. Two radically different worlds, yours to discover and understand.

Canada attracts lovers of postcard-perfect sights, like those found at the Rockies, Banff National Park, and Niagara Falls. It’s an understatement to say the beauty of these landscapes defies comprehension. For unique cultural experiences - food, drink, film - visit Toronto and Vancouver. For an insight into the country’s French colonial past, go to Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa, the capital city. For the chance to spot orcas, take to the coast, where ferry operators chase pods day-in, day-out. Eat candy smoked salmon; fill up on buttery, flaky croissants; wander the indigenous villages of Haida Gwaii; sip Okanagan wine.

Mexico is a wonderfully eclectic blend of cuisines, architectural delights, and ecological zones. Coast to coast you’ll see pre-Hispanic monuments, like the pyramids of Teotihuacán or the Palenque Mayan temples; you’ll find a burgeoning arts scene ignited years ago by greats like Frida Kahlo; you’ll see its history documented comprehensively in museums across major centres. Before you lay jungles, volcanos, pitiless deserts, Pacific lagoons, and indigenous villages. Wander Guanajuato’s colonial arcades, dine with new-age epicures in Mexico City. Own the extremes.