South Africa

South Africa

A voyage of iconic fauna and brilliant colour

Cape Town, Kruger National Park, Table Mountain National Park, Drakensburg, and more

Cape Town - the Mother City - is a stunning African diorama of wild seas, jagged bluffs, and exotic botanic gardens, all set against the backdrop of a soaring peninsula. Winner of a World Design Capital award in 2014, Cape Town’s city streets are a marvel to behold, from the hyper-coloured buildings of the Bo-Kaap to the beach huts of Muizenberg.

Just an hour outside the city limits, you’ll enter rural provinces punctuated by charming villages and sprawling vineyards. It’s a day-night transition and it’s magnificent. Everywhere, cultures and faiths coalesce peacefully. Engage a local for the chance to hear the quirky rolls and trills of Afrikaans. To get away from people altogether, make for Table Mountain National Park, or conquer the world-renowned surf on a sunny weekday afternoon.

South Africa is the place to see the incredible fauna for which Africa is idolised. Take a safari in Kruger National Park for a golden opportunity to see the Big Five - the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros - plus scores of other endemic animal species like zebra, hippo, giraffe and cheetah. A safari’s not your only option, though: you can walk the Lonely Bull Back-Pack Trail, or eat your lunch at the Pafuri Picnic Area beside the Luvuvhu River.

South Africa is celebrated also for its Drakensberg region, a 2,430 square kilometre wilderness of mountainous basalt and sweeping grass. Drakensberg separates South Africa from Lesotho. It was given World Heritage status in 2000. The region contains Royal Natal National Park, Cathedral Peak Nature Reserve, Giant’s Castle, Kamberg Nature Reserve, and the other-worldly Main Cave. In any of these locales you’ll uncover stunning rock art installations, herds upon herds of antelope, hiking trails, and, if you’re lucky, the rare bearded vulture.

Put simply, South Africa is the place for on-foot explorers, those motivated by the insatiable desire to see what’s just beyond their field of view.