South America

South America

A voyage of loving peoples and impossible geology

Machu Picchu, Peru, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and more

South America calls explorers with a penchant for flamboyant cultures and impossible geological constructions. It pays to be courageous when tackling this continent.

You can start by heading far into the past. Hike to Machu Picchu in Cuzco, Peru. It’s the lost Incan city of legend, ripe with mysteries which promise to defy modern comprehension until the end of time. Canoe down the near-unending Amazon River and listen for the shriek of howler monkeys, or try spotting jaguars lazing in trees, hanging over flooded inlets. Trust your inexperience to the locals, who are proud of the nature and happy to show you its many idiosyncrasies.

Rio De Janeiro is a vibrant city, exuding a kind of musical energy you can’t help but feel while walking its streets and lazing by its beaches. Feel that pulse on Copacabana Beach as you drink a caipirinhas and watch kids exhibit their soccer skills. Feel it pass you by as you walk the steps of the hyper-coloured Escadaria Selaron. Reach the Cristo Redentor (or Christ the Redeemer), the statue by which Rio is most instantly recognised, and gaze out over the coast. Ride a cable car to the summit of Pão de Açúcar. See a futebol match at Maracana, a modern shrine to Rio’s beloved sport.

Buenos Aires, in Argentina, has its own pulse. The city’s sensual vibrations are best felt in Palermo, where the cuisine attracts food-lovers from all over the globe; or in La Boca, where football is a less a pastime and more a necessity, like dining with family. Take a tour of La Bombonera Stadium, or, if you can manage tickets, cheer the home side to victory during one of the city’s famous superclasico derbies. Discover the city on foot - the Centro Cultural Kirchner, Manzana de las Luces, Casa Rosada, Palacio Barolo, and the Museo Benito Quinqual Martin are all fantastic places to add to what will undoubtedly become a dizzying to-do list.