A voyage of lagoons, rainforests, and ancient pride

Bangkok, Phuket, Patong, Koh Samui, and more

A singular sense of ancient pride and tradition makes Thai life fascinating and lovable. When you’re a visitor in Thailand, you aren’t a tourist. You’ll walk to the local beat and enjoy the fruits of tropical southeast Asia as though you’d lived there all your life.

Wander the streets of cosmopolitan Bangkok and absorb its electricity; peruse the markets of Phuket and share smiles with friendly shopowners. This jewel is bound to transform you.

For a taste of that tropical lifestyle all visitors desire, make for Thailand’s isles. The Phi Phi island belt, home to Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Le, Bida Nok, Mai Phai, and more, is famous for its crystalline waters, undisturbed lagoons, rainforests, and flamboyant fauna. There you’ll find postcard sunsets, warm southeast Asian zephyrs, and frosty coconuts filled with refreshing juice.

Krabi, Phuket’s coastal counterpart on the other side of the Andaman, attracts guests with the promise of horizon-broadening journeys by day and satin-soft 5-star resort luxury when the days are done. There you can meet and pat elephants, share smiles with mahouts, learn how a coconut is readied for eating and drinking, and take a traditional Thai cooking class. Experience the skill and love with which the Thai people prepare their national signature dish, Thai green curry (Gang Kiew Wan Gai), and you’ll truly immerse yourself in a foundational piece of genuine island living.

Phuket Town is a quiet city largely free from tourist bustle, which means it’s the place to see an authentic side of Thai life. Phuket Town is not known for its tourist markets and clubs. It has no central party promenade, like Bangla Road in Patong, and does not need one. Instead, you’ll dine shoulder-to-shoulder in convivial streetside haunts with locals, sharing laughs and sipping ice-cold beers from afternoon into evening. As a place to sit idly and watch Thailand pass by, Phuket Town has no equal.